These are the English pages for Japanese Paper and shoji accessory.
Please refer to the German pages to see more products, photos and details.




How to order:

  • either use the German Shop System
  • or send us an eMail:
    • please include item numbers and amount, name and address, plus email and phone number
    • we will then send you an order confirmation and invoice
    • after reception of your payment the goods will be sent straight away to you


If you have any questions please contact us – we'd be happy to talk to you:

  • in English/French us:, phone: +49-8624-891475
  • in Italian our representative: Thomas Kibelksties, Castel S.Pietro T., (Bologna), phone +39-051-6956125, cell: +39-3453526660, mail


btw: you can find examples for Japanese shoji and interiour we've designed and built
on our workshop website Werkstatt Stephan Bauer –